Atarkhat - to the audients


      Welcome to you all and I wish you all the best.

      1. I would like to tell you about one of the worst disasters of our time. Some consider it to be the biggest, others consider it not to be so and approve of it. But the danger of many evil things is that they seem to be good; some of them may well have been good in the past; but there is an indefeasible law that when good things exceed the accepted limits, they turn evil. The core of the problem discussed below includes this violation of the law. It originates from the desire for the spiritual freedom. Humans are really insatiable of all kinds of freedom, including political, scientific, sexual, creative or spiritual freedom. And when humans are considered, it always tends to turn into insolence and total absence of authority. Uncontrolled desire of political freedom often leads to the denial of laws and public order; uncontrolled desire of scientific freedom – to the more and more horrible ways of human destruction and opposition of humankind and Nature; uncontrolled desire of sexual freedom – to the approval and prosperity of unnatural actions; uncontrolled desire of creative freedom leads to the situation when art, which is meant to create good and beauty and make people better, turns to the mass productions of filth and dirt. And here I will mention the uncontrolled desire of spiritual freedom and where it leads. But it would be a mistake to think that I am against freedom as it is. I declaim not against the freedom, but against the excess of its natural limits. I would in the same way declaim against the overdose of the medicine, as thus the medicine turns to poison. Some people do not realize that, whilst good, it is also necessary to know where to stop. Alas, many tend to be perfunctory in their judgments and do not realize the very core of the subject. They are blind with the buzzwords and do not realize what those worlds truly mean in the context of reality. Thus people are blind with the word “freedom” and “spirituality” and “good”. In the same way light blinds the human eye. And blindness is always a disaster no matter what caused it. A blind man is deprived of many necessary things; and as he moves about he may destroy something good or hurt someone. There is more to consider when we talk about the blindness of mind.
     2. Among those people who are indifferent to the problems of spirituality, there are many who, instead of following the correct path, create another way by distorting the boundaries. These people have always existed; but there have never been so many of that kind as occur now. And the number of these people grows every day. This kind of person does not belong to any of the existing teachings, or only belongs to them by word of mouth. They take only some statements which seem true to them, and then follow those statements. But they do not take into account the fact that statements from other beliefs do not go together at all. Different beliefs describe the world differently, and every philosophy pronounces different things, proposes different ways and is leading to its own unique aims. But the person that I am talking about does not want to see this or even think about it. They try to combine incongruous things and thus their view is contradictive and they blindly accept many incompatible beliefs. They are absolutely sure that none of the existing teachings are uniquely true, but that all of them contain the Truth; that all of them state the same things; that all ways lead to the same aim. Thus they make no variance between them and deem it appropriate to combine everything they take out of the doctrines. They are right in one way – that there is no such doctrine that would not contain at least the smallest part of the Truth. But there can only be one Truth, and it is the only pure state of reality itself. There can be a teaching that knows the Truth in the way that the human mind is capable of understanding. All other teachings only contain its parts - one more one less. It is as if many people would see one and the same picture but only one person was able to understand what it represents and was able to explain it to others. The others were unable to see the whole picture: some understood one part of the picture, some – another; some understood more, some less; some even misunderstood the only part they had seen. And all of them try to reconstruct other parts of the picture that they had been unable to see. It is obvious that their descriptions will be different, and it would be very difficult to find out who of them understood correctly. It might also be the case that none of them understood the whole picture. But it is impossible that all people described the picture differently and were all right in the same way. As the picture depicts what it depicts, there can be only one right opinion about it. If the picture depicts a mountain, then it will be a lie to say that it depicts a forest lake, or a horse in a field, or a table.
     3. The Truth is like a picture that depicts the reality as it is. We may suppose that none of the teachings sees the reality in the right way, but it is ridiculous to presume that all of them see it correctly. Yes, it is ridiculous and unwise, as they contradict each other, but the people that I am talking about see some special spiritual valour in not taking those contradictions into account. Their impression is that all teachings claim the same thing. But it is well-known that madness can also be great. But they are not madmen and not fools; something else hides in their beliefs. Their beliefs are like a river with two sources, one of which is overwhelming pridefulness, the other – the unwillingness to restrict themselves. Both of these sources are vivid to those who are not blind with the buzzwords or delusions.
Yes, the ones I am talking about are obsessed with pridefulness that destroys them from within, as they think they claim to nothing less than the Truth itself, and for that Truth to serve their own needs. They have not fully accepted any of the existing teachings created by the great Masters who have profoundly perceived the world and people, nor any of the teachings revealed as revelation. No: they only take what seems to be the Truth to them and ignore all the rest. When they accept one part that they claim they feel the Truth and they deny the other part they claim that they do not feel the Truth: they act so absolutely sure that they feel and see the Truth better than others. They see the Truth exactly as they believe; they measure the world and the whole Universe by their own yardstick. Any Master only has the authority, in their eyes, up to the desired limits; any revelation is true only up to their own opinions. When it comes to the rest they believe that Masters and revelations are wrong. They measure the Truth by their own yardstick and thus they praise themselves above all. And thus they take parts of different teachings and make a new world view, absurd and ugly and fully contradictive. That can only serve one purpose – to make reasonable people wonder. They are like thieves that steal from the temples of different teachings, taking the trophy to their lairs and piling everything up; combining what cannot be combined. But they do not care that those things are incompatible. Their lives are a spiritual theft; and they prefer pridefulness to conscience.
     4. But they do not consider themselves arrogant. On contrary, they are full of modesty; intentionally displaying it and revelling in it. They claim they prefer to be taught by all Masters at the same time, and thus they take a bit from every Master. So where is their modesty? They have not accepted any of the teachings fully, not acknowledged that the Master is wiser than they are; they have not started to study as a person who does not have knowledge and thus seeks it, following the Master even when the Truth is not fully vivid for them. Instead they take anything they think to be the Truth from any of the Masters, denying all the rest as a delusion. Thus they praise themselves above these Masters, as they personally decide what is true and what is false out of the Master’s teachings. Is that not arrogance? They feel unworthy of following only one teaching; of trusting only one Master. Their great arrogance does not allow them to accept someone’s accuracy nor to trust someone concerning things they do not like or consider untrue. But learning is finding out what you did not know before and accepting it. Accepting even if you don’t like it and it is hard for you to accept. But a proud person does not want to act like that. And those people who do act like that, who understand that the Master is who he is because he knows better, those people who can overcome their pride and accept their mistakes; those people, they consider to be abnormal. They claim that they have fallen under the influence; that they have become the Master’s slaves and have lost their will and ability to think independently. Thus they blame them for their free choice, their modesty, respectfulness, loyalty and diligence in perceiving and practicing the chosen teaching. And they will call every Master who claims that his teaching is the true one, and teaches his apprentices to steer this steady course, a tyrant and a spiritual despot who tries to turn his apprentices into unthinking slaves, complying with his orders. This is a supercilious hatred of those who are not like him, and even if he follows any of the existing teachings, he only follows the Master who is similar to him: who is also a spiritual thief and who gives his apprentices encouragement to do the same. There are many of those masters today; and they all begin as supercilious beings themselves, but they are more clever, vainglorious and pushy.
     5. The first of the two sources I have mentioned is arrogance. The second is the refusal to restrict oneself. The people that I am talking about not only believe that they are totally capable of distinguishing the Truth from all existing delusions, but they also search for peace from their own interpretation. They take only those parts of the different teachings that suit them best; only those parts that they wish to accept as the Truth; those parts that do not prevent them from doing what they want. Thus, these people combine self-righteousness and vanity for unrestricted freedom. They are pompous, willful people but they smugly call themselves spiritually free. Instead of desiring the Truth they try to create their own; to make it comfortable, to tickle their own vanities. But it must not restrict them from doing what they desire. This is the only reason why they take parts of different teachings and combine them although they are completely incompatible. They create the Truth that suits them and is comfortable for them; as if they sew comfortable trousers for their arses. They will never accept any of the existing teachings as there will always be something that they will consider untrue or will not like, something that will be uncomfortable or disadvantageous. This is why they create the comfortable Truth for themselves out of the stolen parts of different teachings. They are proud of themselves and call themselves people who do not create harmful restrictions in their spiritual path; indeed they are like drunkards, drunk with their arrogance and desire for inflexibility and comfort. They only take the Truth that is advantageous and pleasant for them; they alter “their” Truth fully or partially every time according to their changing tastes and circumstances. And they will call everyone who does not measure the whole world by their own yardstick, those who follow the chosen way and who are loyal and determined; those who are ready to suffer for the Truth… They will call them unthinking fanatics and spiritual slaves. They have a perverted understanding and so, normal seems abnormal to them, and abnormal seems normal. So, who are they then… and how shall we call them and their deeds? Their deeds are nothing but spiritual whoredom as their souls are like whores in grain who sells themselves for advantages and pleasures. And they themselves are spiritual whores; truly this is the best description.
     6. There are many spiritual whores, and there will be more as the time of those people has come who will disregard everything altogether, with the Truth, for their arrogance and obstinacy which they call “freedom”. It is not the first time that the desire for freedom has turned into a great disaster; a disaster when many people lost their lives and were doomed to an evil fate. These disasters occur when freedom becomes the great aim itself and neglects morals and humanity. Today the same happens with spiritual freedom, and it already produces its own fruit. It is painful and sorrowful to realize that this poor tree grows out of good roots. Wise men have said wise words. They have said that there is a grain of Truth in all teachings, and thus each teaching deserves a word of encouragement, and there must be no war among the apprentices of different teachings, they must respect and tolerate each other. And this is as it should be. Those who said these words were truly wise. They understood that each apprentice considers his teaching to be the true one; and the wise men wanted them to distinguish the grains of Truth in all other teachings as well. They wanted those people who consider their teaching to be the true one not to feel hatred or contempt to others from other teachings. They wanted all teachings, beliefs and faiths to exist in peace, without rivalry and certainly without wars. Truly honorable intentions! But the nature of humanity is that he can turn greater good into greater evil. And this is what has happened here. When people heard the above words they found fertile ground for their arrogance and pigheadedness; the spiritual whores distorted the testament of wise men No matter how many trees a good man plants, a bad gardener will never get good trees or good fruits from those trees. And in the minds of these spiritual whores the words that “there is a grain of Truth in every teaching” turned into the statement that all teaching are true. They thus came to the conclusion that no one should consider his teaching to be the true one.
     7. The spiritual whores consider this to be an offence for all other teachings. But is it indeed an offence that someone believes that they are right and all others are wrong? It is totally natural that other people would have different opinions. Different minds comprehend the world differently, and people have always argued, looking for evidence and cases to prove their own point of view, trying to convince others that their point of view is the correct one. This is how it has to be - as no one can perceive the Truth at once, and the way to the Truth is paved with mistakes, delusions and different opinions. It is essential that these differences do not come to rivalry and war. There is no offence in the existence of different teachings and in their claims to be true. The wise men understood this long ago. They knew that the pupils of different teachings have the right to believe that their teachings are true. Already rivalry among the teachings and religions, primarily among the pupils, has brought numerous disasters, wickedness, pain and much sorrow. Peace and mutual respect for all beliefs, challenged by the way of perception and conviction and not by violence and force, has to be the best way. It is what the normal people have always dreamed of. This must be what the wise men wished. The spiritual whores claim that all the teachings are true and thus they can take whatever they want from any of the teachings, replace one thing with another, allowing every moment of their life to become something that is more comfortable and appropriate. And by taking parts of the teachings, these whores can always flatter their arrogance by thinking that they have distinguished the Truth. By considering what they want to be the Truth, they can always say that they have distinguished the Truth, make a parade of it and approve their every deed. Pride, malice and self-centeredness stand behind so-called freedom and absence of superstitions. They avoid certain and distinct ways and thus the teachings that offer such ways and mindset. As in those teachings they have to admit being incompetent and to trust those who are more experienced; they have to accept things they consider inconvenient or do not like; they have to work, changing themselves; they would have to follow certain principles and rules and to be loyal to the teaching they has chosen even if it was hard. But all this is worse than death for a spiritual whore as it undermines his superiority and purpose. They are afraid of it, because these spiritual whores prefer ways where freedom has no limits, ways without the need to work and suffer, without the need to overcome their sins and fight evil, and being confident that they are following the right way whatever is the direction. They prefer the Truth to change according to their own up-to-the-minute needs. But to follow such a way is nothing but following no way at all. You do not have to be a wise man to realize this.
     8. Spiritual whores say that they respect different point of views but in fact they are hypocritical. If they hear someone claiming that another’s teachings are true, they become outraged and hostile and abuse the other’s teachings. The spiritual whores claim that the followers of the teachings put themselves above the followers of other teachings, treating the all others as second-best. The spiritual whores claim that these teachings take away spiritual freedom; making people follow the rules, crippling human mind and turning people into slaves. The spiritual whores claim that the Teachers of this teaching are liars and despots, claiming that the teachings encourage the worst in people. The spiritual whores claim all the worst they can. But half of what they say is slander and other half is perverted. They can not understand that someone can associate themselves with the true teaching without being in contempt of the followers of other teachings and so treating them as second best. Spiritual whores cannot respect those who are different from them and as a result cannot accept this quality in others. Can there be anything bad in following principles of the teaching you believe in? This is how it used to be. If you joined any community, you followed their rules and principles. Why would you join that community if not to accept their principles? Every teaching has its own understanding of how the Universe functions. And thus their principles are based on this understanding and they use them to achieve good spiritual results which are the necessity. This would be horrific for the spiritual whores, as it presumes a responsibility which they would despise. It would make them angry to see such total acceptance of one set of rules. Not being able to choose their own path, they would ridicule the adherents to that faith, calling them slaves. This is an absurd view! For a person to choose to follow one set of rules, not only spiritually but in all other ways as well, allows a community to function coherently and move forward with one mind. This is how civilization grew to become a set of rules by which all reasonable people can live. Spiritually, the choice is important to the individual. Not wishing to be an outcast he would want to conform to those around him. But according to the spiritual whores this is close to evil. Due to their arrogance they will not try to understand that it is the responsible thing to do. These responsible people are considered to be slaves; slaves who are under the evil influence of the Teachers whom they also consider evil. Spiritual whore denounce them because they teach what they believe. But at the same time spiritual whores extol the virtues of their own beliefs but do not consider that to be a control. These are the double standards. They call those responsible people slaves under the evil hypnosis of the Teachers. And they also claim evil those Teachers who preach what they believe, blame and accuse them, call their preaching hypnosis, instrument of enforcement of human mind and will. But though spiritual whores also claim their own believes they do not consider it a hypnosis. These are their double standards.
     9. This is what the spiritual whores do. They say that the faith a man follows is evil. This is an attempt to sow discord among the people. The wise men respect all other teachings despite the difference in views but the spiritual whores sow discord and blame those who believe in the chosen way and those who preach their views. Good seed in the hands of malevolent people can produce bad crops. Where they should teach respect they reap intolerance and discord. Spiritual whores even claim that evil itself comes from those who believe in their own teachings and that this evil attempts to enslave the people and create conflict within themselves. But I claim that there is no hostility if the followers of different teachings respect each other. This is what the wise men have always wanted and this is what should be learned. But the actions of the spiritual whores spread discord and distrust. Each of the whores has their own “Truth” which supports their self-righteousness and arrogance; and they wish that all others were the same as they. But if the number of different teachings created so many difficulties; what would it be like if there were as many different “Truths” as there were different people? It is hard to imagine the scale of the possible conflict because it will be not the conflict among teachings but the conflict among men. If this happens then spiritual chaos could arise and the conflict could be endless and, maybe, bring numerous disasters. But this conflict is what will occur if the spiritual whores impose their way upon others; possible chaos instead of spiritual alliance with the possibility of many disasters that could arise. And if there were indeed some evil forces who wish to rule the world and make people fight with each other, spiritual whoredom would be just the right way to do it. But everyone who points this out is hated by the spiritual whores who claim that they are evil by impressing their evil ideas upon others. They will claim that I am the same, claiming also that this writing, which is to warn people about the spiritual whoredom, to be evil. They will call it a lie and will claim that with this writing I impress my opinion upon people. And they will claim that each and every one who unmasks them as evil as this is the nature of their righteousness and arrogance.
     10. But not all spiritual whores are that bad. There are some, more modest people, who respect the views of others. These are those who were not fully absorbed by the spiritual whoredom and whose self-righteousness and arrogance have not sprouted fully. But spiritual whoredom is an ideal fertilizer that will enable the seeds of sinfulness grow. But there are so many spiritual whores whose words are beautiful but are nothing but froth. And there are so many spiritual whores who hate the beliefs of others and who sow lies and untruths. And the number of spiritual whores grow. Not all people see and understand this as not all people are interested in a spiritual side of life, and many do not understand the danger of spiritual whoredom. Some even see it as something positive. As self-righteousness and arrogance have been widely supported by our modern society the spiritual whoredom is accepted for good. People forget that evil pretends to be good sometimes; that evil attracts people not always with hardships but sometimes comfort. And so people follow the spiritual whoredom thinking it is good for them and all other people. There are many things in life which have sweet taste but are poisonous. The spiritual whoredom is the same: it looks good, it tempts and it flatters people’s ambitions. But it is nothing but perverted spiritual freedom which exceeds the natural limits, thus it should be judged by the fruits it brings: spiritual disorder, conceit, intolerance and hostility. Those who wish not to be blind will see the light but, unfortunately, the spiritual whoredom is a plague of our time which even penetrates some teachings. Thus spiritual whores only claim to follow the teachings but do not follow those same teachings. You can easily prove my words by looking around with eyes wide open. You will see the scale of this disaster and see the potential disasters. I see it clearly and so warn you! Let the eyes of your soul be fully opened, let the temptation not replace the work of your mind and Spirit, let the way to the Truth not lead you away from it. A man is born not to be drowned in the bog of lies and self-deception but to perceive the truth and become a blessing for the Universe.


Translated by Amradkhari