Mytheyma of Emere



So it was: the Great One, Who Follows the Way, gave birth to the three worlds, having poured himself out into them. In the highest of the worlds, which is pure light, sat the Primary Ones, those who rule the worlds. They are so powerful, that the Great One, Who Follows the Way, is based on them and exists through them and they are in him. The Primary Ones are all-penetrating and all-accomplishing, and they are Life, Good, Progress and Reason. The second world is divided between them and the one who always follows them and who is their opponent. He is the Dragon in his core, the one who heads back the way to the follower. The way can only be mastered in struggle – in the eternal struggle with the Dragon. He is unable to prevent the following, but he can create obstructions for the follower. The Great One, Who Follows the Way, must reach his goal in time, so as not to lose the right to take a new path, that leads over. This is how it is struggled, and it is struggled for the right to follow the way. The God of Wisdom was the first one to be given birth in the second world. Then the gods of Love, Justice, Power, Righteous Struggle and others were born, just as were the Dragon’s servant gods. This is how they stand, face to face. The Dragon is weaker than other gods in himself and in his servants, and he knows that he will lose, but he fights to fulfill his predestination. Creatures of flesh were born in the lowest of the worlds, and among them those who follow the way consciously. Some of them are already through with the way in their world, others still have it ahead. Amongst them, some among many are humans. Been given consciousness of themselves and the world, they are not wise, but they are strong. The God of Power ruled then in the world, and other gods could not rule over humans. Yet the Dragon ruled over the God of Power, and so he was the Dragon’s servant. That’s how it had to be, for the perfect only comes out from the imperfect, and this is the law. The Dragon ruled over the God of Power, and the God of Power ruled over humans. And the world of humans could not see other gods, but it merely felt them and heard their quiet whisper. That was not meant to be forever, for the light drives out the dark and the void gets filled: this is the law. The God of Wisdom revealed himself to humans, and endowed them with a piece of his essence. It was then that people realized the power of Wisdom and the voices of Love and Justice spoke clear and strong in the world. But seeing these attempts to overthrow him, the God of Power chained the God of Wisdom and concealed him from the eyes of people, so that they would lose his gift. Yet this gift can not be lost or destroyed, and so it grew in people’s hearts. The Gods of Love and Justice were speaking to people ever louder, and the force of the God of Power was getting weaker and weaker. Peoples’ thoughts and deeds kept a trace of Wisdom in them, and people were drawn towards the God of Wisdom, and it made his bounds weaker. The time came – and the God of Righteous Struggle tore the bounds and let the God of Wisdom go free. And so the God of Wisdom began to reveal himself to people, receiving their power and sharing his power with them. Then people’s eyes began to open and so they saw the appearance and the essence of the God of Truth. This is how it was, this is how it is and this is how it will be, until the balance turns again. Once the balance turns, people will stand beside each other and the Gods of Love and Justice will be with them, led by the God of Righteous Struggle, above them will be the God of Wisdom and yet above, in the light – the Primary Ones. The God of Power will prostrate himself in front of them and will become their servant and warrior. The Dragon will fight against them, getting weaker and weaker, but there will be no gods on his side equal to them in power. He himself will know that he will lose the battle, but he will fight in order to fulfill his duty: and he is blessed for that. Some time will pass, and people will clear themselves and will be full of Wisdom. They will enter the seat of gods, for they will become worthy. Then the Dragon will be bound and people will turn their faces away from him and they will enter the light – the residence of the Primary Ones. But the time will come when others will be born – those who follow the way consciously. The Dragon will free himself from his bounds and will rule again, to be defeated in the struggle later on. This is how it is accomplished in the world of people and in other worlds like this one. Such are the steps of the Great One, Who Follows the Way, and such is his struggle.

Translated by T.