Mytheyma of Avarne



Enon I

Many people know me through their minds. And many of those who know me are afraid of me and call any evil my names. Everybody knows me through his Spirit for it generated me, and I will return into it. Nations and people know me; and they reject me, and avoid me, and worship to me. Many swear to struggle with me and many become my warriors; but are there among them those who really know the thing that I need? They do not oppose me, but they oppose their illusion invented by them; and their weapon gets blunt and broken while clashing with it for their illusion is invulnerable while they are alive. And these pitiable ones harm themselves and other men; and their illusion gets stronger for blood shedding for the sake of feeding it. And those who consider themselves my warriors serve me only because they have a right to do it, but they really serve with their acts to their illusion invented by them. During existence of human kind not many really knew me; and no not one of those who knew me have been frightened of me, and have damned me, and have done me any harm . In the past the due cause was being made and nowadays it is being made. The things that people could do before they cannot do now; and for a certainty, the human kind is close to its collapse. There is no being in the world of human that wishes good to itself but does harm except man. And a great many of people blame me for their faults. These men are liars and they blind their conscience lest they see their abominations and harms. But their Spirit is able to see, and many of them crave for penitence without knowing what it is, and they punish themselves without knowing a due punishment. Many cultivate inside them great spite against me, and when their spite become so powerful to torment and destroy them, they blame me for it. He who destroys himself and does not know it is pitiable. He who destroys the others and does not realize his fault in this case is horrible. He who is mistaken dooms himself for great sufferings.


Enon II

I was generated for good. I do not know other paths except the path by which I must follow. I want a good and I do it. I come into the worlds where thinking walk along their paths. I contravene a good thereby cultivating and strengthening it. It cannot be destroyed, and I only singe it in order that barren soil bbecomes white metal. I enter human minds, but I do it only when you have preferred my temptations to the treasures of good and when you have called me. I cannot do human acts for I have no power to trample on your free will but I care for its cultivation. Only man chooses either good or evil, and he does the chosen way, and nothing except his choice has a power over him. I am generated for the possibility of choice between good and evil in order that Good can choose itself. Every man has the power for good and every man has my seed. The birth of a man generates a new stream of good and generates me as well. And his choice is neither will for good nor my will but only his will. And after his death he meets his own creatures, not mine. I do only what I must do for thinking for their improvement. I was called Dragon, and the human mind being unwise yet was indignant with the distorter of Wisdom, for a little cup of Good is not polluted with a rubbish of untruthful knowledge. But who has not really known me, and has not withstood against my temptations cannot have a drink of the great cup of Good. I am the one of keepers of Good’s path. There are no obstacles without me, testes without obstacles, finding the power of Good and improvement without testes. You, who accuse me for doing harm, do you know that whom you accuse? It is you who do the abominations and misdeeds, not me. Is it my hand that makes you to harm the living and to torment the dead? Is it my lips that tell the pernicious lie? Is it my thoughts that make your minds dependent on the felonious intentions? I show you the way that leads you away from the good; but do I make you accept this way? It is you and others similar to you who oppress and destroy yourselves, and plunge yourselves into burden, torments, and sorrow, not me. I show your vices to you, and you arouse and feed them, and serve them. You destroy yourselves, that is why you are afraid of yourselves; and you feel disgust to yourselves and you are ashamed of yourselves for the Good cries inside you, and you have no power to make it silent. You rush from side to side attempting to save yourselves from yourselves; and while searching for peace you tell lies to yourselves and to other men blaming me for your sins, for it is not so tormenting for you to call yourselves a weak person than a base one. But you can change nothing this way because only a new lie aggravates the torments to which you subject yourselves. You know me but you do not know the Truth, so you mistake your illusions for me. This way you generate a great number of dragons full of evil endowed by you. Everyone of you is devoured by his own dragon; this way you destroy yourselves by means of your creatures. I am called by you an enemy of people; but is it me who has called myself this name? You declare the lie a Truth, not me, tormenting the other men and thereby doing harm. And you surround your children with the dragons generated by you since their infancy, and they grow up in an atmosphere full of evil. Your world is full of the evil that has been done by you. Look into yourselves and realize that nobody has a power over you except you. And the way which you do is a result of your will. Your lie cannot change the Truth; and who is generated for good that will never be your enemy and will never make you to be at enmity with anyone. You accept and cultivate in your minds the things for which you have a liking. But you will condemn yourselves for your choice in the due time. Woe betides those who cultivate an evil for this way they punish themselves the most tormenting way.


Enon III

You, who consider yourselves my servants, are criminal to me. Everyone of you think that he has comprehended the gist of my destination but he listens to his own voice of mind, not mine. You are my slaves for you yourselves have doomed yourselves for slavery. Many of you do not realize it thinking that it is a natural necessity. I have no power over you; you put fetters of slavery on yourselves. You do not want to be free for you have become accustomed to the food of a slave, and you are afraid to die for a hunger when gaining liberty. Realize that you devour yourselves and this way you die every moment. I grieve for you for I know your pain. Being blind you think that you worship me but you worship those dragons which you yourselves generate, not to me. You feed them with your substance, this way everyone of you is devoured by his own dragon. And everyone of you is a seed and a flesh of his dragon. Your dragons devour you greedily, this way you torment yourselves. Know that you will never be sated because you lose more things than you find. Not one of you knows me such as I am, and you serve to your illusions by being mistaken in a choice of your path. Is it me whom you desire to serve? You wish a good to yourselves, not to me. I know your wishes, and you can deceive your hypocritical service doing for reward, not for me, only yourselves but not me. Those of you who have a sincere aspiration to serve me cannot do it for they do not really know me because their illusions and they do not know what I need. Everyone has their own destination; my destination is to show the path that leads to an evil in order that following a path one can choose unerringly the one that brings to Good. I am an element of the Universe that aspires to a good for I exist by means of it. I tempt you in order that you can overcome my temptations, reject them, and choose Good. Every man that has chosen Good has a real result of my work inside him. I fulfil my destination this way, and it is my life and my bliss therein. I am generated in order that you can struggle with my temptations. Those of you who accept my temptations finding them enjoyable hinder me to do my cause. There is nothing worse than this for me. You, who worship and serve me, know that you torment me. You plunge me into the sufferings when accepting my temptations. Grieve, for your path is not the best one but the worst one. Grieve, for you have deceived yourselves. Mourn for yourselves for you die for your ignorance. Weep for what you have done for it is bad. Weep for me for you betray and torment me every moment when you wish to help me. If you knew the torments to which I am subjected for your guilt, you would hate yourselves cruelly and damn yourselves. The result of your service is bitter and terrible for me. Weep for yourselves for there is no one who is more criminal and pitiable than you. Weep for what surrounds you for you do harm to it for your ignorance. There are sufferings of those people surrounding you who must not suffer; sob for their torments for it is your torments. They suffer for you but you will suffer much more for yourselves afterwards; prepare yourselves for this. Weep for the world for you drag it to its perdition. You have a seed of the perdition of the all things — of the good and bad, of the favourite and hated by you, of the unknown to you, and of you yourselves. Come to your senses and realize that you are not such as you consider yourselves. You have a blind mind and scanty knowledge and you even cannot distinguish between sweetness and bitterness. You try to grow the things that do not exist and the things that must not to be grown, and you even do not know that this way you destroy the meaning of your existence. You vegetate in the worst; is it an aim for what you are born? No one is born for bad. See the meaning of your existence. You have plunged yourselves into the worst, and no one can help you while you have something more precious, desired, and favourite than the Truth.


Enon IV

You, who worship me, consider that I am similar to you in my existence; but compare me and yourselves. The aim of human existence and the aim of my existence are the same thing; but our paths are different being united. Every existing thing needs necessary things, not the things that people being mistaken want to attribute to it. I am generated in order that the thinking struggle with me, not to worship me. My destination is steadfast; it is my gist and that is why it does my wishes. Many of people want to get more things than they need; such men are avid and they aspire to dominate beyond measure; and they think that all the dwellers of all worlds are such avid as they. They have beggarly aspirations and scanty knowledge, and they are lonely even being among the crowd. I do not know loneliness, and I realize that I am a part of the great aggregate of existing things. What good unity needs that I need as well and it cannot be otherwise. The unity needs your struggle with me, and I need it very much as well. My good is in your struggle. I neither suffer nor perish for your victory, but I taste bliss and rejoice for I do my gist then and win myself inside you for the greatest good. Beginning a battle with everyone of you I bless you and I wish victory to you, not to myself, in order that my gist can be kept and Good, for which I exist, can strengthen. Struggle with me and let there be blessing with you. Remember that your blows bring a good to me, a purity to you, and a prosperity to the Existence. Do not generate and do not cultivate an evil inside you while struggling with me for then you will be covered with wounds and you will be wined having not yet begun the battle. Lest it will happen, do not struggle with other men and beings aspiring to destroy them, but struggle only with me. When you banish me, I shall go away rejoicing and blessing you. Learn to see the universal good, and learn to understand that there is nothing higher than it. Reject your illusions for the true and absolute due things. Do not let your errors to plunge you into the domain of darkness for an evil puts the fetters of slavery on the thinking there. I do not need slaves, and I am not an enemy to you. Let victory in our struggle always be on your part. Be it so for it is the best. Everything exists for the universal best, and nothing is inimical, and nothing wishes an evil. Realize yourselves as such person and keep yourselves as such person.

The translator wished to remain anonymous