Mytheyma of Atarkhat



There is only one Truth; its face is composed of the united faces of all existing and accomplishing. Each one of these faces is the face of the Truth; so it is multifaced but unified. The Truth is the truth: this is so and this is the Truth; lie is lie: this is so and this is the Truth. The Truth about lie and delusions is that both of them distort the Truth in human mind. They are true only in this matter; thus the existence of lie and delusions distorting the Truth is true, and thus they are what they are. The Truth is the face of reality. Reality has only one face, according to its essence in which true is true and false is false. When perceiving the Truth it is possible to perceive it only as it is, - as there is no other Truth. One who has perceived the Truth sais: “This is true, and that is false, about which the Truth sais that it endeavors to present nonexisting as existing”. There are those who are conscious: they have ability to realize when perceiving the reality. They have ability to realize and thus the individual progress of each of them can only be accomplished via perceiving the Truth. Conscious beings are so that the bad and the worst can come out of their knowledge, and only the good and the best – out of the comprehended knowledge. Conscious beings gain the good which they did not have before and increase the good they have had before via perceiving the reality. Thus unknowing becomes not only knowing but wisdom; one who could not love finds the greatest love; one full of rage perceives the enjoyment of doing good; and all the rest works according to the same principle. If it were otherwise there would be no conscious beings – as Nature does not accomplish in vain. The ability to realize is the great power in evolution of existing. Nature improves its particles, improving itself via them; in thus the ability to realize is the level that leads above. Every particle of existing that improves itself for perfection lugs away other particles, making their way easier. Thus is accomplished as one is the one. Every conscious being improves the whole Universe together with himself, - so powerful is the conscious mind, when it is good. But being conscious is impossible without perception: thus perception is the prime good for conscious beings. Humans are one of the conscious races and thus they always long to know. So it has to be, - because the accomplishing is so that all existing longs to accomplish itself. Perception is necessary for the human being, as existing accomplishes itself for the reason. Humans have always been percepting; but those who are able to percept are also able to be mistaken. As mind is meant for perception of the Truth it can also think lie and imagine it to be true; for this is its nature,- as without the opponency to the just there is no just. Thus the knowledge which is not properly realized might be used for the wrong accomplishment. Bur even if the perceives being can be mistaken, the true knowledge will once prevail upon the wrong one. Thus is accomplished, as Nature does not long to destroy itself but to improve. And the good in it is so strong that even the evil itself indeed turns to be only one of the due aspects of Nature. Evil is the opponency which is necessary for the good to grow and turn into the greater good. Evil exists only for the good to fight it with all its might in order to obtain more power. Thus evil exists to be destroyed by good. Thus the delusions which the conscious beings might have will in due turn into the knowledge of the Truth and bad intentions will turn into good intentions. Humans have always longed to perceive the Truth, - as without this knowledge there can be no good accomplishment which accomplishes the evolution of all existing. But mind had created delusions by making mistakes, which seemed to be more distinct for human mind then the Truth, as there is only one Truth but there can be as many delusions, as there are humans and as many as there are moments in the life of each human. The knowledge of the Truth grew within the created delusions; and the good intentions which are the strengths of the pure Nature itself fought with bad intentions. There was time when evil gained the great power and delusions became so powerful that beings longing for the Truth could not find it, as delusions prevailed in their minds. Then the God of Wisdom chose one of the humans and revealed him a piece of the Truth; and it was passed from mind to mind and from sense to sense. And people listened to the true knowledge, which was fighting the delusions and making their reign weaker. And the way to the Truth was getting more and more distinct; and many headed for this way and then followed it. This happened many times; and humanity was like a sick man, who was able to cure himself, and who was taught by the knowing healer, who was easing the sufferings in order for the man not to lose his conscious from pain and not to kill himself; and in order for the man to learn how to cure himself once. This was his way to perception and this was his improvement for perfection. Many bad and good things happened; and the good soared to its freedom. But the time came when bad intentions together with delusions, who grew on the inkling of the truth, gained the power able to destroy the world of humans. And in order for the human kind and its further perfection, so necessary for the Nature, not to perish, the God of Wisdom chose once again one of the humans and revealed him the true knowledge in the comprehensible form for human mind. And he ordered to spread this knowledge among people openly for each one could know the due. Nothing of this kind had ever happened in human history before; but when the evil had become so distinct and so powerful, the great good also revealed itself to become stronger than evil. So the true teaching was given by the Nature itself, as it takes care of humanity as humanity it its particle. The human being carries the knowledge of the truth as he is a particle of Nature, which is everything existing; as they are the one. Thus the Truth which is within the human being, but is unseen, is connected with the Truth he has always longed to perceive. This Truth is in this teaching, and human being perceives it and asserts himself in it. It takes more than one day or one year; the world will see many evil things and new delusions. But as the true teaching had once appeared and was fully revealed to humanity, it will never vanish again and the right way to perfection will always be distinct. The time will come when the danger proceeding from humanity will be destroyed by humanity itself and will vanish forever. And the time will come when there will be no other teachings but the true teaching, as humanity will overcome all delusions and will follow the way of true perception. Then humanity will achieve what is truly good for it and will assert itself in it and will accomplish it for the further reason of its being. It will be so as the Nature is so and so is its particle “humanity”.

Translated by Amradkhari