Mytheyma of Atarkhat



Out of Being and nonbeing there is only Being, and there has never been, nor is nor will be nonbeing. Being and nonbeing do not contain the essence of each other, and thus where there is one there can be no other. And they can not turn into each other, as Being can not perish and nonbeing can not appear. Nonbeing is what it is as it does not exist; as if it had existed it would have had properties - and thus it would not have been nonbeing. Being has it properties and they can not perish as nonbeing can not appear: thus Being is imperishable. Being is the prime property of itself, it exists and is inseparable from substance, space and time. Substance turns into many forms; space includes different spaces; time lasts for a long time. Substance spreads in space: there is no space which is not filled with substance; it exists in time: there has never been nor will be time when there was no substance. Material, Energy, Spirit, the essence of the Mighty Principals and other that can exist are different forms of substance, which can turn into numerous forms according to the necessity for the Being. The forms of substance have different properties, but substance is the one; each one of its particles includes all other particles and their properties. Space has no limits; it is divided into numerous numbers of other spaces; but it is the one, and its every point includes all other points. It has its core and its core is in each and every point simultaneously, nor matter where this point is. Time has no limits in past nor future; it passes from moment to moment and can not perish. Time is the one; its every moment includes the essence of all past moments and the probable essence of all future moments. As there is no nonbeing there is no absolute rest; thus substance is changing in each point of space in each moment of time. Space and time are united with substance; as it is the substance of their being and they do not have sense nor could ever exist without it. Accomplishment takes place in substance, space and time; it is the combined interaction of their properties via the laws and forces which are also their properties. The accomplishment is the property of existing; thus Being accomplishes itself via that property. Accomplishment can not perish, - as if it had perished, the Being would have turn into nonbeing: and there can be no nonbeing. Accomplishment as accomplished by itself and via itself as it is the property of itself. Inevitably from one accomplishment appears the next accomplishment by accomplishing; and they are the one accomplishment. Accomplishment itself can not perish; it has always been and will be. Being has always been; and there was nothing before it. Being originates from itself and is eternal: every moment of being is its beginning. Being always begins: thus it has no beginning and nothing that has been before it. Being is born in every new moment, and with it – substance, space, time and accomplishment. They originate from themselves, as they can only be born by themselves; they have always been born by themselves, and they have always been before themselves: thus are their origins of existing. Every moment is the moment of birth of all existing: thus the existence of all being is an everlasting beginning. Every moment is the beginning, the lasting and the end at the same time; thus the being has never had nor will ever have neither the sole beginning nor the sole end, - as it always begins and always ends. Being always is; the sense of its being is in gaining properties, and the sense of those properties is existence of the Being via them. Via accomplishment, according to the sense of the Being the substance which exists in space is changing in the due way: thus the properties necessary for the Being to accomplish itself are born. Their birth is inevitable - as Being can not perish. The existing is changing, is becoming more and more perfect, - as its properties are getting more and more perfect. The Being accomplishes itself and creates itself, following the way of perfection; this fellowship is its means. The Being is accomplishing for the perfection of the existing; thus its prime sense - is in eternal perfection, which is more perfect than before. The perfection is accomplished as it can not perish – as if it had perished, the Being would have turn into nonbeing: and nonbeing does not exist. The sense of the Being by which the impossibility of nonbeing is originated, forces the inevitable perfection. Something that can not perish can not perish; all in it tends for perfection and there is no other way. All as a whole tends for existing, and it contains the great power, which accomplishes the perfection, without which the existing is impossible. This is the great law from which all other laws are originated; according to those laws exists the existing. All existing is perfecting; it has always been perfecting and will always be perfecting; it is born every moment together with the birth of the Being, and every time tends to be born more perfect than before. The existing has no limits in space and has numerous substances; and its every particle accomplished itself for perfection according to the existing laws. From the perfection of many particles the great united perfection of one great existence is composed. Everything exists in that way - even the Being itself.  Existing has many particles; one of those is the Creator. He is one of the particles of the infinitude, and they are the one; and beyond the Creator there is so much that it is called innumerability. The Creator has become what he is now for perfection, which he is accomplishing in the due way. The Creator is perfecting not only for himself, but also for everything that exists beyond him, with what he is the one; and when the Creator becomes more perfect, it will also become more perfect; and then this great perfection will pour into the Creator and will make him more perfect. The perfection creates the greater perfection, and so on: this is the law and this is how it is accomplished; accomplishment never ends and creates the Being by itself. And according to this principle and for this perfection exists every particle of the Creator; together with its other particles exists the human being.

Translated by Amradkhari