Atarkhat — to everybody


      My greetings and good wishes.

      1. I, Atarkhat, testify that the true teaching has now come into the human world — it has come openly and stays forever. I announce it to all people abiding in the two worlds – to those who lived, live and will live. I announce it to all people whoever and whatever they are. I also announce it to those who are not humans. You, people, and you, other thinking beings, up from here and to the bounds of the Universe, I address to you and say: the Truth is now disclosed in my world. It happened in accordance with Emehreh's will and happened the way it should. Now there is one more source of knowledge and great power in the Cosmos, and it will not dry up until the human kind passes away. The kind that has almost destroyed itself will not be killed by its own hands now, but will live and walk along its path up to the end. So it will be — I announce it to the human kind and to the other thinking beings, to everybody everywhere. What was to happen now happened. There is nothing to be changed: everything is the way it should, and everything will be the way it should. I know it and say about.
      2. I say it because I have the right to say it and I must say it. I, Atarkhat, am the last Emehreh's prophet of the human kind, and the first to proclaim the true teaching to people openly. The teaching would come into my world not once, but only the chosen ones could get it. People would lose it, and they would be given it back again. Now the time has come to open it to everybody, and so I am doing it. I have been prepared for this cause and I have been waiting for the due time: now I do it and testify my doing. I testify that I have Emehreh as a teacher who is the God of Wisdom. I testify that he revealed me the Truth about the Universe: what it is, how it began, why it exists, and also about the human kind and other things that are in the three worlds. I testify that in accordance with Emehreh's will I am a herald and a keeper of the true teaching that now is called the Teaching of the UnitedTemple. And all this is true. Therefore, I am the only one who can and has the right to announce what I say in this message. I announce the advent of the true teaching into the human world. It came through me and I am it myself, and I will keep it until my death and beyond it, and I say that it will not be forgotten or destroyed, or rejected by people. Some will accept it nowadays, some — later, some — in a long period of time. And the day will come when there will be no one among people who would not accept it. So it will be. I know it for I live not only in the past and in the present but in the future as well, and I am aware of what it is like. The good has come into my world and it will triumph. The human kind will accept the Truth given to it and it will strengthen itself in life and in the good, and become wise and powerful, and enjoy the fruits of its existence, and give birth to the good fruits for others. It will be so, and I announce it to people and other intelligent beings up from here and to the bounds of the Universe.
      3. The thing that happened is a great good. I know how great it is so my joy has no bounds. I rejoice - and truly there has been no more worthy reason for man to rejoice since the human kind appeared. And those who lived before and belonged to the true teaching rejoice with me, as well as those who are not humans but who care about the good and see what is being done here. The Eternal Nation rejoices for the true and really good path is being paved which the human kind will walk along to merge with it as happened before and will happen to many other intelligent kinds in good and for good. So will be as I said — and it will be for great advantage and good for the Universe, which is the Creator itself, and for everything that it contains now and will contain in the future. This is the reason for a great and real joy. This is being done for Life. Rejoice at it those who understood me and those who did not - understand me. I, Atarkhat, said in this message what I had to say, and I testify that everything I said is truth.



  • The Universe is the Creator as a system of three interpenetrative worlds.
  • The Cosmos is the material Universe.

The translator wished to remain anonymous