Mytheyma of Atarkhat



I am Atarkhat, a herald of the true teaching. I was the first one among the living in this world who learnt it and I founded it for people and I am conveying it to them. My path is long and hard for great work requires great efforts. The truly great work is not a matter of only one life - and I make myself this way. My previous life in flesh I spent in the land that is now called India and my name was Anandah. I belonged to the noble warrior kin, and I was as good as any man of my kind. One day I heard a voice inside of me; and I thought that was a call of deity. I moved to the woods then and began to listen to the voice there; and I often did it afterwards. And I learnt that it was the voice of a wise man that had died long before I was born. He told me that he used to be a warrior as well, but one day he found a Teacher from whom he learnt a lot about the Truth. He gave up his former life then and made the cognition of the Truth his main work, and so he succeeded in that quite a lot. He also said that he had been seeking for the deserving one to impart his knowledge while abiding in other world and finally he found me. So he spoke to me and taught me many things and it was different from that I had known before. I learnt that the thing he was telling me about was the Truth and I was filled with reverence for him and his edifications. So I began to change my life gradually to live duly. Then my deeds became unbecoming for my kin and my relatives began to appeal, reason, and threaten. My cousin was among them and he said to me: “Have you fallen ill or, perhaps, been struck with a club of some demon? Come, I’ll bring you to the saint man; perhaps, he will save you from this misfortune.” In response I called him to the woods and he went with me there; in the woods he took out the sword saying, “Are you going to kill me?” I told him what had happened to me and he was marveling at the things he heard and then I swore the greatest vow that I was not a liar and not ill, and not led by the power of some demon, and then he believed me. Having believed he asked me to teach him the knowledge saying: “Two are stronger than one; together we shall intimidate those who threaten us”, and I agreed. But the day came when I said to myself: “Whether it is right that being more versed in the Truth than others I should be equal to them?” And I began to use my knowledge in order to dominate over my kin and others. In order to be among my kin I began to observe the old customs that I had observed before; and I gave up my new custom. When my Teacher began to reason with me, I did not want to listen to him anymore. And I did not want anyone to know what I knew; and when I met my cousin, I said to him: “I gave up this cause and so should you.” Time passed, and I made great progress in my rise but I could not achieve all that I wanted. In my declining years an arrow wounded me and the wound turned out to be a deadly one. I had been dying for two days; and when dying I was thinking of what I had done and it was terrifying me. I experienced many agonizing and terrible things after my death and I blamed only myself for my suffering. When my sufferings were over, I understood many things that had not understood before and talked with the one who told me about myself. He said that I was the only one who had received much knowledge about the Truth and who had renounced it afterwards. This was the worst of degradation but, on the positive side, I had learnt something that others could not. And he said that this way the circle of realization was accomplished inside me for now I overcame the worst, therefore the best was within my powers. He said that now there grew so great aspiration for good, so great skill and so great steadfastness inside me that I could manage more than others. Adding that perhaps the time was near when people would cause the great danger or many hazards. Then they might have no time to realize the Truth and grow in it and through that to put right what they had done. Someone should then be found who would be able to accept the Truth from the keeper of the greatest Wisdom, to realize it, and to impart it to the world. Only for the first time everyone would be able to know the true teaching and it would direct the stream of human acts for the better. And he said that I am the one who must perform it for at that moment I had more necessary inside me for this work than others had. I rejoiced and agreed for there is no work more necessary in the human world. I waited for a due time and it was a long waiting; when the due time came, I regained the material substance being born in the human world. I was born in an ordinary family of modest means, in the land that is called now Belarus, and I was named Victor. A serious ailment affected me at a very young age and my body lost its strength. Since then I became so weak I could not walk or even stretch out my arms. My family attempted to cure me; I was treated by many means but nothing could help me. When I was five, I learnt how to read and then I studied for ten years, as it was the practice then. Having finished my education I realized that there was no work for me. And during several years I did nothing useful for I could not do what I wanted to do. When I was almost twenty, I found inside me the knowledge that there was an invisible world. And then I said to myself: “I am weak in this world but I can be strong in that world and through this I can be strong in this world as well.” I began to seek out the possibilities to learn the sorcery, and I mastered the things that I was able to learn. Soon I found the way to do many sorcery things without performing the rituals or even uttering a word. This way I prepared myself to grow the great power for my own use and through it to do what I wished and make others serve my purposes. I did not mean any harm but I was not sure about what good was either. When I turned twenty-one, I heard someone speak to me. I did not know who was speaking but I knew that everything he was telling was the Truth. Soon I learnt from him that he is the God of Wisdom, who is known to many and under many names; one of his names is Hermes. He told me to call him Emehreh. He was teaching me; and at the same time the knowledge I already had inside was growing evident to me as if it was being evoked. I saw the Truth and perceived it step by step, and I learnt about my cause. I founded the true teaching and named it the Teaching of the United Temple because the Universe is a temple, the temple for not worshiping Good but doing it. I saw Emehreh and was talking with him, and I wrote down some of his edifications. I could hear the voices of other gods, and I wrote down something of what they said to me. I could hear the voices of the people, who knew about the Teaching in the past, and I wrote down some their words. Among them I recognized my former Teacher; I learnt that he had been waiting for my time for he wanted to see how I would begin doing a due cause. In former times he was wrong about me, therefore he had to wait for the time when his failure began to turn out good, and I wrote down also the part of what he had said to me once. Among the living there was one beside me of whom I knew that he had been my cousin in former times, the one to whom I had not revealed what I knew. Now he was born in the same time that I was and in the same town that I was; it happened so because he wished it. We met each other being children; when I founded the Teaching, he was the first who accepted it although neither of us yet knew that time what happened to us before. And I took the name of Atarkhat and he took the name of Hantuhr. Now the Teaching exists, and I am doing the due cause. I will do the due cause and always keep the Teaching this way for so great cause is not a matter of only one life. Having been disembodied in this world I will continue doing my cause in another world, and from there I will keep and do my cause in this world. If there will be a necessity, I will be able to appear in this world without taking a material form and I will be visible and tangible but invulnerable. And I will be able to return this way not once; and I will keep on doing my cause in different ways how it should be. Now the Teaching exists and it will not pass away. It is the greatest of the teachings that were, are, will be or might be, for it is a true one. There is only one Truth, and there are no delusions that might cast it down or withstand a struggle with it. This is the Teaching of the United Temple: I, Atarkhat, who founded and keeps it, say it. This is so: the Truth does it by itself.

The translator wished to remain anonymous