This Online project presents the Teaching of the United Temple.

This Teaching is not a religion but an ethical and philosophical teaching about the world and people. It gives rational explanations to those things that are believed to be supernatural.

It was founded in 1996. Huge amount of work has been done since that time despite all the difficulties that we have been facing.

Several books were written, one book was published. There is also a webpage, an electronic journal and a YouTube channel. The Teaching is given to everyone but, unfortunately, all these recourses are in Russian. Currently there are only several texts in English.

This is hardly enough to present The Teaching to English speaking people. It is clear that something should have been done about this. Taking everything into consideration, this webpage was created.

The biggest issue is that we can’t translate all the texts to English ourselves nor hire a professional translator. As the result we use online translators. This is not the best option as the quality of translation is low. However, this is the only choice we currently have. Online translations will be corrected when possible.

On our webpage you can find texts from the Pandect, articles from our electronic journal and other materials. These will help you to find out what out Teaching is about, why it exists, how it sees the world picture, what our views, principals and philosophy are and why we follow them.

Go to the MERE REALITY website.

If you are interested you can always contact us via the online contact form.